See it in the Stars

I know I said I wasn’t going to promote my book here… and I’m still technically not by editing out the identifying information, but this beautiful review just overwhelmed me and I had to share it.

I met the reviewer on Instagram. She found me via hashtag of all things, and fell head over heels in love with my book. So much so that she finished it in one night; then proceeded to destroy my emotions with her heartfelt review. Lol. I had to share it because this is why I fought so hard to write the damn thing in the first place. This has been my one wish for my writing here and my book: to empower and inspire others. To see it come to fruition is an amazing blessing.

“I was existing in my new home, but I wasn’t living there until after that night. I needed those tears. I needed to break down and scream at the moon.”

[book title] was such a deeply personal read. It gave me that feeling of reading someone’s extremely private thoughts; like I was the cleaning lady and found my employer’s diary. Am I really supposed to be reading such things? It was as if I needed to neglect my duties and read right through that diary before I got caught! But, I couldn’t put it down. I truly needed to know if [the author] had her happy ending.

This true story is not exactly a happy tale. It is a tale that needed to be told, though. Speaking from experience, suffering trauma in any capacity and then holding those feelings inside – you will eventually explode. [author] chose to take that trauma and explode onto paper and gives us such amazing insight into the mind of a woman in pain; a woman questioning herself, her feelings, her own memories and emotions.

We are introduced to [author] and quickly given some background, but most of the story takes place after high school. She is a hardworker and takes a lot of pride in her job. She has a mother who tends to be overbearing and often says or does hurtful things. Because of the tumultuous relationship with her family, [she] is immediately drawn to [antagonist] at her job. He seems like quite the likeable fellow at first – but when you’re looking from the outside in, something seems a little off about him. I was questioning, “Is [he] the villain? Or is he going to somehow be redeemable if he fucks everything up?” There are moments you think that maybe, just maybe, he will be able to make a come back and fix all the problems he creates.

But [author] says it best herself when she writes, “…he was more of a tag-along to my own self-discovery rather than being the cause of it.” And that line right there sent chills down my arms, because how many women in the world can totally and completely relate to that statement? It’s a statement that is so short – but says so much. I know I immediately thought of more than one man in my past who I could stamp that statement on. And [antagonist] was that man for [author]. He caused her grief, pain, frustration, despair, but he did also open her up to love and finding herself.

This story isn’t for the faint of heart. It does contain details that might be triggers for someone who has suffered a sexual assault or miscarriage. I encourage you, though, if you have been traumatized, that you do as [author] did. Write that pain down and create a beautiful story: your story.Because none of us deserve to be kept silent. Our stories deserve to be told and deserve to be read. We all deserve the chance to make our own crazy happily ever after. I hope that many others read this wonderfully painful story because it holds so many wonderful nuggets of truth. I know that this wasn’t any easy story to tell, but I am so glad that it was told.

[author] took a journey while writing this. And she was tormented repeatedly while trying to get this story told. One passage worth highlighting,

“It sounds cliché, but you can only love another soul after you’ve learned to love yourself. You can only be happy with another person once you’ve learned to be happy with yourself. Everything else is fleeting…”

I find a lot of encouragement knowing that someone else in this world has battled many fights similar to my own. I have had to find my own love for myself in the past. I cried with [author] when she suffered a blighted ovum, as I myself has gone through that same grief. I teared up in happiness when she realized her worth and took control of her own destiny and fate. It was only difficult because of the content, but don’t let that stop you from picking up this book. It isWORTH THE READ.It’s about a woman empowered and, my God, that is a wonderful thing indeed.

And that, my friends, is the best success I could hope for. Even if I never sell another copy, knowing that my story had a positive impact on other people makes the entire thing worth it. Successful beyond my wildest dreams. VICTORY!!!