Always a Rebel

So… I’ve decided against going to New York to pitch my book. Not because I don’t think I have a good chance to get picked up, or because I don’t think my material is worthy of undertaking such an opportunity. I’m just a rebel who wants to do things her own way.

My memoir is much too personal and close to my heart to sell off to the highest bidder. I’m excited about the reaction I’ve received from my readers thus far and I know there is potential for something great to come from this in its own time. I just don’t feel that the time is now. So I’m going on my own way, remaining in total control of the rights and marketing.

Besides the fact that I want to keep control of the rights, the more I talked to people about pitching things the more I realized how people actually viewed my work. People were excited for me, and encouraged me to take the opportunity, but it was always followed by: “what better revenge than to have a best selling book and movie made about your ex being a jerk?!” which made me hesitant to follow through with the conference and pitch.

Revenge has nothing to do with why I took the time to write my book. If I wanted revenge I’d be advertising it all here and plastering his legal name everywhere I could in an effort to “out” him as it where. I don’t care about that. He’ll get what he deserves in this life or the next. I sat down and wrote out my story to heal myself. Mentioning him and his involvement in my life was just a by-product of my own journey to self discovery.

Not being about revenge is the reason I’ve chosen not to share specifics of my book with this audience. It’s public information, I’m not hiding it, but I’m also not interested in stirring up unnecessary drama. If those things were my goal it would have already happened by now lol.

So… yeah. I think I’m going to let it sit for a while and see where it goes. If someone approaches me about purchasing the rights or whatever I’ll consider it, but I’m not going to seek out fame and fortune. It will find its way into the hands of those who need to read it, with or without any help from me.

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