Uuuuuuuuuuuugh… I love all of my children. They’re all unique and wonderful in their own ways. I’m closest to Crash. I don’t know exactly why since I try to give them all equal attention and one on one time. Something about the bond I have with Crash is just different.

He has the most genuine, innocent, empathetic, gentle soul I’ve ever encountered. He’s sensitive, and funny and just a joy to be around even when he’s getting into everything and generally being a terror of toddlerhood. Twice, recently he’s just melted my heart with his antics.

The first time we were going through alphabet flash cards with Little preparing her for school to start this fall. She flew through all of them and went off to play so Crash wanted a turn. I would show him the letter, recite it’s name and he would repeat it back to me. He was working right along, getting more excited with each card until we got to letter U.

I showed him the card and said: “Letter U!” He paused for a moment, got a goofy smile on his face and yelled back with the gusto that only a two year old can have: “Letter ME!” Followed by a giggle fit. I smiled, and laughed with him, gently corrected him and tried again. “Letter U.” He paused another brief moment, and you could tell he was thinking about it before he replied with equal gusto: “Letter… Crash!” That’s when my heart just melted into a giant puddle of feels and we moved on. He still didn’t quite understand that letter U and the word “you” are different, but he’s got time. I adore his creative thought processes and the slightly different way he views the world. I’m not about to change it yet, while he’s still just a baby.

The next day I was sitting on the living room sofa drinking pineapple juice for breakfast. Crash bounces into the living room, and hops up next to me. He studies my can and looks at the picture before pointing and asking: “You got juice. It’s an apple?”

I let him hold the can while I explained that it was a different fruit called a “pineapple”. He looked at me with his big, hazel grey eyes and asked: “A kindapple? Awwwww. I like kindapples!”

That moment I didn’t even try to correct because OMG KINDAPPLES!! 🤭😭 My mom heart again just exploded with overwhelming feels when presented with his innocence and genuine good soul. He’s definitely not a bad apple. He’s a kindapple.

Food names seem to give him the most trouble. In addition to his kindapples, we also have “lami”. I asked him the other day if he wanted some salami. He didn’t hear the “some” part of my question and said: “yes. I want some “lami”. I tried to correct him but he wasn’t having it. I even tried to get him to repeat “salami” but he just giggled and laughed and yelled “Yes, Mama! I want lami!” He’ll get it eventually, or I’ll just serve carrots and lami for the rest of his life, with kindapple upside down cake for dessert. 💕