Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Imperfectly Perfect

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It’s a month where people should be allowed to speak out about their pasts and pain.

There’s a stigma around the sorts of people who get sexually assaulted. People label them with reasons why they believe they have been attacked. People are assaulted every single day. People of all genders, of all ages and sexual orientation. Nothing stops a predator.

So DO NOT fucking preach to me about what she was wearing. DO NOT preach to me about the fact he’s a ‘pussy’ for being attacked.

DO NOT tell me you think it’s fucking acceptable.

I did not get this far to get justice on the man who sexually assaulted me to be told that I should get over it. I did not go through all this pain and hurt to be told it is my fault. Have a bit of consideration for those…

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