Lucky Number 7

Hubs and I had a wonderful night out on the town this past weekend in celebration of our seventh wedding anniversary. Our anniversary isn’t actually until the 23rd, but this past weekend was the only weekend available for my parents to watch the kids, so we took advantage of it.

It was just what I needed to decompress from the shitfest that was the beginning of March. Two kid free nights, and one glorious night out in downtown Indy stopping at a few of the local noteworthy bars before retiring to our hotel with a skyline view. Not that there’s a whole bunch of skyline to really see in Indy, but what little we did have was pretty much perfect.

The whole evening was perfect really. Hubs made dinner reservations at The Claddagh (which has my favorite bread pudding dessert) we checked in to the hotel; then wandered around a few blocks and the mall before making our way over to Howl at the Moon which was this neat concept bar with live musicians playing just about any requests from the crowd. The food definitely needs some improvement, but the drinks were top notch and it was different to enjoy the live entertainment as opposed to a million TV’s blaring different sports over the din of dance music lol.

We stayed there for a few hours then made our way to one of Hubs’ all time favorite bars, which we’ve been trying to go to forever and never had the opportunity or made the time to really visit. Slippery Noodle Inn is one of the most eclectic places I’ve had the opportunity to visit, and we’ll definitely be going back.

Two hours of blues and a tasty Jack and Coke soothed my soul and helped me release a lot of the grief I was struggling with before it became trapped and started a new trauma loop. Sometimes you just need some blues to process those feels. I really loved this place because when the band was playing, the band was playing. Everyone sat and listened intently while nursing various drinks or other vices. There wasn’t the chime of a million voices competing over one another or the music, everyone was paying attention and invested in the show.

After the first set we left and wandered our way back to the hotel for a cozy night in. We stayed at the Omni. It was the first time I’ve stayed in an actual hotel instead of a cheap motel in a really long time. Hubs had never stayed in a “real” hotel before so the entire experience was new to him and I’m glad we were able to share it together. When he booked the reservation he thought he booked one of the suites, but when we got there it turned out that it was just a regular room which was a little disappointing since I was anticipating a suite. Either way it was clean, comfortable, and quiet which was exactly what we wanted for our kid free nights lol. Plus there was a Starbucks attached to the lobby which made checking out on time after daylight savings bs much less painful lol. Also the Omni plush bath robes? TOTALLY live up to the hype. I slept in one they were so cozy. It was like a weighted blanket, but filled with fluff and terry cloth. When I have an extra hundred dollars laying around I’m totally going to buy one to have at home. Lol.

Over all, I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed to have my Hubs in my life for the past seven years. We’ve been through a lot of roller coaster moments in our relatively short marriage, but he’s stuck by myself through it all. I don’t deserve my Hubs some days.