Sandy Shores

Valentine’s Day my car wouldn’t start after my shift ended at work. It had been acting kind of funny for a day or two prior to that, but it was cold and Hubs also filled it with E85 which is a huge no-no even in a flex fuel vehicle. E85 and cold weather don’t mix. Hubs forgot and just wanted to get me the most fuel for our money since I had a lot of errands planned for that week. I really didn’t think too much of it, topped the tank off with premium at my next fill up and went on my way.

So Monday was the first day that things started going South for The Black Pearl until Tuesday when the damn thing just won’t start for shit. Hubs had to take off work and come pick me up to take me to various doctors appointments, which was a minor annoyance over all, but kind of nice to spend Valentine’s Day out together for the first time in like seven years lol. ANYWAY… I said all of that to say this:

Last Friday was the first time I stopped to put gas in the car since the Valentine’s Day incident while it was broad daylight. Usually I’m filling up before going to work at 3am or on the way home from the gym at 7pm. In short, it’s dark and I’m usually exhausted not paying attention. Last Friday I pulled up to the pump and opened the fuel door to find this!


At least now I know why my car wouldn’t start… someone put sand in my tank. Like I know that road salt has a sand mixed in with it, and it had been snowy/wet/cold, but this was a trail of sand leading directly INTO my tank when I removed the twist cap there was a trail of wet sand still clinging to the inside.

Thankfully, it didn’t actually do any damage to the engine and it was a simple fuel filter change which Hubs was able to do over the weekend, but I’m ever so annoyed at the petty ass vandalism. I go to work, I come home, I go to the gym, I go to the grocery store. That’s my entire life right there. I’m not out driving around like a maniac pissing people off. I barely interact with people other than my family and coworkers at all. Unless someone was just targeting any old mom van they encountered, or my car was mistaken for someone else (the only downfall for driving the same van as literally 75% of the midwestern population) there was zero reason for someone to find a pocket/cup of sand and ef with my car.

Of course there’s always the possibility that Egg Bandit decided to follow me from Ohio to my new home 300 miles (round trip) away, just for the sake of harassing me but that’s honestly the least likely scenario lol. Or at least I hope to all things Holy that it’s the least likely scenario… but then again, who eggs an apartment; then breaks in to wash their hands after picking up the shells?!