Home Coming

With my book all but finished, and our unexpected moving expenses paid off I’m thrilled to say that I can come home!! I’m not entirely quitting my job because I enjoy the people I work with/for, but I am cutting down to two days a week for the duration.

With Little getting ready to start school this Fall, and the boys being toddler terrors Hubs needs me at home more than he needs the extra income. I can’t exactly say that I’m disappointed lol. I miss being able to actually play with my kids in the afternoons instead of shuffling them off from one place to the next and trying to grab a nap in between and fixing dinner and cleaning the house and EVERYTHING ELSE that comes with being a wife and mom.

I know here are many woman who can master all of those things plus a career and do it well. I am not one of those women. Lol. I can excel at my job or excel at my home responsibilities but trying to balance both and maintain a healthy relationship with my husband is almost impossible. Plus with my book in the home stretch and no real need to continue blogging, I’ve finally made it back to school. I’ve tried many times before, but this time I actually made it!

I am giving up my pursuit of a psychology degree and instead focusing on business and computer systems with a minor in physical therapy. I’ve been chasing that psych degree for almost fifteen years with little success. It’s time to try something different. After interacting with Champ’s therapists over the past two years I think pediatric PT is where I’d like to end up. I don’t have time to become an actual therapist myself, but I’d like to eventually become a PTA. That’s what I’d like to do anyway, but being a very competitive field with very select schools and enrollment I’m not counting my chickens. I’ll at least have my bachelors in business if the physical therapy thing doesn’t work out, and I’ve found an online accredited school for my business adventures which doesn’t require me to travel to a campus!

I’m also celebrating my weight loss goal by participating in another boudoir photo shoot. I’m SO SUPER EXCITED about this one particularly because it’s outside. Being in the studio was fun and all last time, but the location lighting and props for this outdoor shoot make my artist heart sing!! Actually… I don’t know if I ever mentioned the finished product from my last shoot. lol.

It was the most amazingly empowering experience ever. Both to participate in the shoot and see the finished product. Even carrying the extra fifty pounds on my frame, the unedited images were attractive, sexy even and it gave me the opportunity to see that for the first time. It also gave me great joy to know that I have these photos for myself and my husband that’s something special between just us. Something I did for him that I never did for anyone else. It brought us closer together even though he keeps the album tucked away out of sight 90% of the time. Just knowing that it’s there and that it’s ours was enough.

OH! The last bits of my book come back from editing on my birthday; then it’s off to the copyright office. Once I get it back from there (which can take 3-6 months… damn bureaucracy) I’m set to publish. Right now I have a tentative release date for late November. I got my first print proof a few weeks ago and it was exhilarating and a little intimidating all at once. Like it’s one thing to write here where I have a fairly limited audience. Blogging is slowly going the way of LiveJournal and MySpace. There will always be those of us who post our little thought blurbs out for the world to see, but it’s mainstream popularity has fallen by the wayside. I have my core audience of dedicated actual fans; and a fringe stalker or two but other than that no one really cares. No one just waltzes by my blog in a bookstore and goes “huh this looks interesting”. I’m not heavily marketing my blog the way I will be promoting my book. So… I’m getting a little anxious about it all. It’s too late to turn back now lol. But my anxiety is bubbling none the less.

STILL… good things on the horizon for the House of Hale. Still. Good. Things. Lol. It’s still sort of taking a bit of an adjustment to get used to it all being “okay” for the second year in a row. Usually I have one dramafest year and one decent year. I’ve never experienced two good years in a row. This is a nice change of pace lol.