This song shuffled into my suggested tracks last week and on the heels of a rather significantly difficult week with my PTSD it really resonated with me.

The version I have to share here isn’t the original and has been altered slightly to relate to more current world issues. I love the original by The Cranberries too, but this version is the one that struck a cord with me.The original version was written in response to a very specific event in Northern Ireland in the mid 90’s, during a pique in IRA violence. Which is a little complicated for me to voice my opinion on.

This version is just as poignant with a broader message. The chorus especially brought me to tears after fighting with my disorder like a mf the past few days. I mean… I’m really having a hard time putting my feelings into words honestly. lol. Just take a listen. It’s worth it, regardless of if the message you take away from it is the same that I have.