Old School FTW!

My sister set out to help me figure out the mystery of January 30th. She pulled out all of her old paper journals and began scouring them for clues. It took a good deal of effort but eventually we were able to figure it out. January 30th, 2006. I’d quit my job at Taco Bell, but hadn’t yet started my new job elsewhere. I went to the mall one lonely afternoon and fell in love with a puppy. He was small, sickly, and didn’t behave like a normal puppy. I didn’t care. I shelled out several hundred dollars from my savings and went on about my way new cuddly puppy in tow. Upon further examination we discovered that the puppy was blind. Life for a blind puppy wasn’t conducive to living in a townhouse apartment where he was expected to travel up and down the stairs. SO… a few weeks after he came into my life, he pretty much immediately went to live with my parents.

THAT in itself isn’t traumatic. Certain events surrounding the arrival of Wheslee, the puppy, and his quick departure are what I need to address with my therapist. I kind of suspected that might be the case when I initially presented my issues with the 30th to her a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t be certain until after getting the verification on the time line. Thankfully my sister actually had the timeline to work with. lol.

And this… is why I started blogging. Now I can look up certain dates in several moments instead of digging out a box of paper journals to figure out why something sticky has latched itself on to my subconscious.