The Big C

Ending 2017 which has been a wonderful year over all, on a challenging note…

I’ve been going to the chiropractor fairly regularly since I went back to work. I’ve struggled with this weird tingling sensation between my shoulder blades and intermittent numbness in my left arm. I got checked for a plethora of neurological problems which all turned out to be negative and my adjustments were successful, still numbness and tingling accompanied by a large “knot” near my spine.

Then when the weather warmed up last week I happened to wear a light tank to my appointment instead of my usual sweaters and hoodies. That’s when we found this little guy, who happens to be sitting directly on top of the “knot” by my spine and has grown visibly in the past two weeks.

I haven’t had any sort of concrete diagnosis yet, but everyone who’s looked at it (my chiropractor, GP and a few other trusted friends) are concerned. When I started going back to the chiropractor regularly in July this wasn’t there, now in December it’s grown to a noticeable blemish, which is painful to the touch and located at the root of my neurological symptoms.

POSITIVE SIDE: even if it turns out to be cancerous, the likelihood of it being deadly is slim. Like 3%. It’s far more likely that it will just require a small surface surgery and a bunch of extra precautions as summer arrives. Still, being so close to an unidentifiable “knot” around my spine accompanied by other symptoms on top of the ten-fifteen x-rays I had last year, this little growing blemish is a bit worrisome.

It’s even more troublesome that I don’t know exactly when it appeared. It’s on my back, is normally covered by my bra at the very least, and blended in with my other freckles until it started growing. I’m hoping it’s only been growing on the surface.

Either way, whether it’s something that could take months/years of treatment, or something as simple as a routine removal it’s a challenging start to a new year. One that I’m not entirely sure if I’m excited about. My biopsy is scheduled in a few weeks. Whatever it might be, I’ll tackle it head on.

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  1. Wishing you all the best with your results!I got 3 moles removed back in July and have another one which needs removing in January! It can be a little nerve-racking initially when waiting for the results..I hope it all turns out ok! 🙂

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