Tequila on the Rocks

Taking a month off from blogging has been refreshing. The kids are super excited about Christmas this year and I have so much going on planning with them I don’t know how much I’ll be posting here in the coming weeks.

NaNoWriMo was a huge success! I’m not quite done with my story this year, but I completed the 50k word goal shortly after Thanksgiving! As we settle in to Hubs’ extra time off and I have more of my own kid free time in the coming weeks I’d like to finish it and see where it goes. It was weird writing 100% fiction for the first time in like three years. The words came much easier than I anticipated they would. Now that I have an editor and publisher lined up I might commit to writing fiction entirely, although I haven’t formally decided yet…

My baby boys turned two during my blogging hiatus!!! TWO.

I can’t believe these amazing little people have been in my life for two years already. It seems like only yesterday I was laying them down swaddled in their bassinet next to our bed, snug as two little bugs. They don’t really have a crazy birth story like Little does since their delivery was a planned c-section, most of their excitement happened after birth in the first two months of their lives with testing and medical crisis. Champ with his breech position and thyroid issues and Crash with his vomiting blood and emergency surgery to address his pyloric stenosis.

I feel kind of bad that I have this wonderful thought out piece I share every year for Little’s birthday and the boys just get “yep. They’re older now. They were born and here we are.” Lol. Well second kids you know… they always get the short end of the documentation stick so to speak.

We decided to go out as a family for their birthday dinner to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. We’ve been frequently visiting this particular restaurant for years now, even since Little was an infant. The food is always delicious and the service is great. We love it there. It’s not the first time we’ve had all three excited kids in a booth getting wiggly as the meal draws to a close. The kids were extra excited because we just left the Christmas Tree Farm prior to heading out to dinner and we were celebrating the boys birthday with Hubs’ Mom.

They weren’t running amok around the restaurant, they were all sitting in their seats but they were laughing and giggling and being happy kids. We were correcting them and telling them that they needed to quiet down because there were other patrons in the restaurant, but the boys are two. The concept of respecting other people hasn’t even began to set in with them yet so they continued to play at a boisterous volume. Not disrupting the entire restaurant, but loud enough that the tables immediately surrounding us definitely heard them. Most of the other diners seated around us just sort of smiled and went on with their meal, as we were finishing up to go not thinking too much about it.

Then, Rude Dude stands up from the table directly behind us and yells at my kid: “Oh my God, really?!” He didn’t address myself, or Hubs, or Mom in Law, but Champ, my child. My two year old child who up until he was frightened by a total stranger yelling at him, was having a wonderful time. Champ was shocked, scared, and started to get tears in his eyes. Hubs was pissed off to the point that he actually just started laughing, and I trying to keep my cool for Little’s sake pulled out the dessert menu and quipped back: “Well now I think we should all order dessert and stay a little bit longer!”

Rude Dude didn’t have much else to say after that, but Hubs insisted that we leave so he could cool off and maintain his composure. I’ve never actually seen Hubs that mad before. He’s usually the voice of reason while I’m the one spouting off at people who insult our family, but this time I collected the kids and left the table while Hubs took care of business. I don’t exactly know what Hubs said other than “thank you for ruining my kid’s birthday” which is all I heard before we rounded the corner into the lobby, but when he came to join us he was shaking with rage.

Apparently after Hubs said his piece and turned to walk out Rude Dude mumbled something about wishing that our entire family would get hit by a semi, and his companion mumbled something about not taking our “jerk kids” out in public. Not to Hubs’ face, mind you, but after he turned to walk away, because that’s just the way that egotistical cowards operate. Hubs was the bigger man and kept on walking out, but by the time we all made it safely to the car he and I were both shaking trying to control our anger, and Little was terrified that the Rude Dude was going to follow us home and try to break into our house ah la Egg Bandit. She was so upset by the entire confrontation that she didn’t even finish her ice cream sundae. Which made me even more angry than Rude Dude’s obnoxious yelling in the first place.

I understand that not everyone enjoys the company of tiny humans, but we were seated in the back corner of the restaurant, there were plenty of other tables available for two, and we were getting ready to leave. There was zero reason for Dude to be such a hateful asshat. They had just opened their menus before Little received her dessert. They could have easily requested another table if they didn’t want to be “bothered” by my Littles, but no. No, he had to make rude, hateful comments at us and scare my kids instead.

He’s lucky that he decided to be such a hateful asshat now instead of running into Past Kelli, because Past Kelli would have probably ended up in jail lol. I’m getting much better at channeling my anger into healthy expression as opposed to my past “fight now ask questions later” mentality. Which is a good thing I suppose. Growth and all that. I know being able to react with quiet dignity is a much better example for my kids. I just wish they didn’t have to experience all the hate in the world the way that they have. I know it’s inevitable as they grow and experience life, but ARGH. Not yet!