Saving Daylight

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh… the dreaded “time change” is upon us Midwesterners. It generally becomes especially hectic around our house specifically because Little and Crash both have night terrors associated with the change in their sleep cycle. Champ does pretty well so far which is a good thing, but since he shares a room with Crash generally they’re all up and down nightly. So far this year doesn’t seem to be as hectic and stressful over all so they seem to be adjusting fairly well. We’re only on day one of the supposed saving of daylight so it’s yet to be determined.

NaNo is going surprisingly well, even trying to squish in my word count between tending the kiddos, work, and the gym. I’m right on target and haven’t run into any shortage of ideas to keep the story flowing. It feels weird writing fiction after being focused on my recovery writing for so long. lol. Different parts of my brain are being stretched and exercised. They’re a little dusty. The writing itself is full of run on sentences and fragments galore but the words are coming and the story is fleshing itself out nicely.

I still haven’t run into any of my annual November depression, but I have been having some weird dreams the past few days. They are legitimate dreams, just a product of my subconscious and not anything to do with repressed memories or my PTSD. They’ve still kind of put me in a weird emotional funk. They are disturbing, but not particularly violent or anything. Just weird things that would totally never happen. I guess it’s because I’ve kick started my imagination again or something? I don’t even know lol. It’s kind of handy though since they are just completely fictional I’ve been able to incorporate them into my NaNo. Maybe that’s it? Maybe my brain just isn’t completely shutting off at night and jonesing to continue my story? Who knows with my whacky brain. lol.

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  1. I’m not a fan of the time change and I don’t have kids. Monday morning I woke up 5 or 6 times before my alarm went off…which was super annoying because I got to work from home that day, so I should have been able to sleep in.

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