So I’ve been dealing with this rash off and on for practically ever now. It’s an allergic reaction to something I come in to contact with regularly. For the life of me I could never figure out what it was and instead focused on treating the rash itself with generic OTC treatments.

Over the weekend it flared up to a level of intensity I’d never seen before so I decided to head to the Urgent Care just to make sure my rash wasn’t a symptom of something else that I incorrectly diagnosed as an allergy.

Got there, got all checked in, doctor looked at me and confirmed my suspicions. It was an allergic reaction. He asked me what if anything I had been doing differently in recent weeks. Nothing immediately came to mind. Then he asked me what I thought was a rather unusual question: does the rash flare up more after I washed my hands? I thought about it and noted that it does. He said: “Oh. I bet you’re allergic to the water. Or rather, something in the water.” Apparently this is a fairly common diagnosis locally, which I had never heard of.

I’m allergic to water. WATER. More than likely a mineral or some thing else IN the water because being allergic to hydrogen and oxygen themselves would make it pretty much impossible to sustain life. I have to scheduled an appointment with my GP next week to get some more allergy tests done. I haven’t had them since I was two so 28 years ago. I guess it’s pretty overdue.

It’ll be interesting to go back through the testing process again as an adult. It was one of the incidents that triggered the development of my PTSD. Being two and strapped down to a table with doctors and nurses pricking me repeatedly with different pins containing different allergens, screaming for my mom who screamed right back for me to behave. I was miserable for days afterwards and had painful reminders for weeks with the sharpie ink noting which reaction correlated with which allergen.

It won’t be so difficult now, as an adult, understanding what’s happening to me, but I’m still curious how it will affect me mentally and if it will trigger any sort of repressed memories. As long as we can figure out exactly what is wrong with me and triggering my recurring rashes I guess it will be worth it. The urgent care doctor put me on heavy duty steroids to calm my skin down until I could get in to see my GP. They’re making me sick… which I guess makes sense having been enduring a severe allergic reaction for weeks. Feeling NORMAL for once my body doesn’t know what to do with itself lol.