“Grey”: Chapter One (Monday, May 9, 2011)

I can’t believe this book still has so much momentum with the recent Harvey Weinstein revelations. My mind literally can not comprehend why this book is even making sales… apparently it IS because the next book in the series has just been released. I don’t know that I’ll be sharing every chapter from the recap I’ve found here, but I encourage my readers who are interested to go on by and give 50 Shades is Abuse a follow! There is some excellent content in addition to the recaps.

50 Shades is Domestic Abuse


If you’ve been online today, you may have heard the news that EL James is releasing yet another book next month.  Darker is the sequel to Grey, and will re-tell the events of Fifty Shades Darker from Christian Grey’s viewpoint (in case you thought she’d come up with literally anything original… Nope).

Here at Fifty Shades Is Abuse HQ, we believe in knowing what we’re criticising.  That’s why we’ve read all three of the original Fifty Shades novels.  But I’ll level with you: I could never finish Grey.  I tried (oh, how I tried), but when you’re a survivor of abuse, it’s just ever so slightly distasteful to read a novel in which an author is writing as an abuser, but explaining away and excusing his behaviour on every page.  It was horrible.  So, I stopped.

But with Darker just around the corner, I realised that I was…

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  1. I saw that the next book has been released and I was going to write about it. After talking to you and a few others (I think we had that convo like a year or so ago) I wonder if E.L. James realizes her mistake. I also wonder if she’s doing these rewrites to try to make up for it (not that it could help AT ALL) but i’m curious as to if anybody has called her out to her face

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  2. I don’t know… the few pages I read before I had to stop it seems like she’s just making more excuses for him. She might be trying to get people to understand how “troubled” he is, but in reality it just makes his behavior seem more predatory and psychotic than it did in the first series. I for one would have rather NEVER seen “inside” Christian’s head. BUT it was so triggering I couldn’t even finish it so maybe she redeems herself by the end… I’m not entirely sure.


  3. Ah I see. That’s sad, that she doesn’t realize that she glorifies abuse. Then again, I guess it should really start with Stephanie Meyer for Twilight. I mean, seriously, who thinks that a guy sneaking into a girl’s room to watch her sleep is cute?
    I’m sorry it triggered you. I can’t imagine how awful that must feel. I’m interested to read reviews on it and see if people are actually speaking up against it, or if they’re falling into the BS she’s putting out there


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