The world is heavy today. It has been since yesterday when the news of the Las Vegas massacre made its way across the country. 

I know it sounds cliche but I felt the shockwave of pain and sadness ripple outward long before I knew why. I sat straight up in bed after a flash nightmare of people screaming and I’ve felt the weight of the aftermath in my chest ever since. 

It isn’t something that’s become a cerebral reaction more so than a polite one. The shock of hearing about these senseless killings has worn off. There’s nothing one can say or do to adequately express the grief of a wounded values system anymore. 

It’s just… heavy. That’s the only way I have to describe it. Taking away guns or restricting them to the point where it’s too expensive or there are too many hoops to jump through for decent, honest people to own them won’t solve the problem. Criminals will find ways to cause mass destruction with or without legal access to firearms. It’s a sad reality that no one wants to think about in the wake of such senseless tragedy. 

No one could have stopped this mad man in time to prevent loss of life and mass injury no matter what weapon he was armed with. From a tactical standpoint I don’t understand why security at the concert hadn’t planned for something like this to occur. In today’s world where these events are more common than not, someone dropped the ball. 

It doesn’t really matter why he did what he did. The last life he took was his own. We will never know the real reason behind his actions. It’s between him and God now and no need to waste time with speculation. Only time to bear the weight of sadness once again for so many innocent lives lost. 

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  1. Your finest work right there. And the heavy? You bet. And this may sound bad of me, but we added Tom Petty’s death, and made it worse. But then, then “my” cricket at work dropped dead this morning. And as trivial as THAT was, it almost finished me. It gets so tough, because you can’t explain, you can’t avenge, you can’t even wrap your head around it.

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