House of Hale 3.0 

It occurred to me the other day that I never got around to posting our before and after pics of the house. We’ve been living here for six months now. Oopsie!!

So here they are! This is as finished as we’re going to be until winter. Right now all of our project time is spent outdoors. Things are mostly done. We just need to finish detail painting really. I love my new little home.

This is what we bought.

And this… is The House of Hale 3.0. 😍

I still have to finish painting the trim in our bedroom, and it’s currently covered in several loads of laundry so I didn’t get a picture lol. It’s now an almond white color instead of that horrible forest green. We kept the brown/wood accents and redid the carpet.

The bathroom is a nightmare. It really needs to be torn out completely and refinished with a new tub, but being the only bathroom we have at the moment we’re going to have to wait for that one. I started to paint it a retro sea foam green color, but never got to finish it before we had to move in so it’s pretty much in complete shambles right now. It’s functional, but that’s about it lol.

We’d like to get some of our bills paid off early and add a master bedroom either next Summer or the Summer after to give the kiddos a little more space as they grow, and get our second desperately needed bathroom. We’ll have to see what happens to our finances and taxes in the next few years though. It’s great that our property value is steadily rising, but it makes financial planning for the long term a bit of a dice game lol.

Anyway… that’s our cute little home. It’s perfect for our family, and I’m very happy here. Home sweet, home!