Pet Store Attack 

Continuing my trend of weird ass dreams: another one, even more unusual than the first.

This time I was spending time with a friend. We were looking for a particular pet store. I don’t remember why we were looking for this pet store, but we were. We found the store, parked the car and walked into the lobby. We found whatever we were looking for and as we were checking out, a coworker of mine (like coworker from my current job) rang us up and warned me that Egg Bandit happened to be the manager of this particular pet store, and he was on his way in. We needed to hurry before there was a confrontation or he found us at his store.

My friend and I darted out of the store but before we made it to the car we saw Egg Bandit pull up and block us in. My friend and I darted down a dark alley way and ended up in this weird park where we got separated on a wooded path. The park was in the middle of the city, but for some reason it was like my confrontation with Egg Bandit was completely invisible. There were other people in the park, but they all ignored me running, looking over my shoulder and Egg Bandit chasing after me.

Eventually once I rounded the corner and found myself next to this body of water. It wasn’t a pond, but it wasn’t a fountain or a creek either. It was kind of a mish mash of all three of those. I looked over my shoulder and then all of the sudden Egg Bandit was standing right in front of me. We fought. Starting with yelling at one another and eventually escalating into blows exchanged. I landed a couple of scratch/punch/smacks on his face before he pushed me backwards. I landed hard, yelled something oddly specific at him; then he scooped me up off the ground by the back of the shirt and tossed me into the water.

Before I hit the water, I saw Hubs appear out of nowhere and try to come to my rescue by charging toward Egg Bandit but he couldn’t get there in time. I hit the water just as the sky turned black with thunder clouds, a giant clap of thunder rolled through and the sky lit up with intense lightning. I sank for a little bit before I woke up.

I think there are a few memory fragments trying to fight their way to the surface here, with my subconscious connecting the dots in dreamland as it were. I expected it once I started decompressing and settling into the realization that my stalking nightmare is over. That’s one of the annoyances of PTSD. In the middle of the stressful event, everything gets repressed or pushed to the back of your mind; then when a certain level of stress is removed things start making their way to the surface.

Life has been exceptionally good recently, and it’s been about one year since the pique of my stressful events last year. It’s time for the decompression to happen or at least get started. I just hope I can get some sleep between here and there. Oy.