Long John Baby Shower

I had the weirdest nap dream ever yesterday afternoon. I was pregnant again, and attending my baby shower at a Long John Silver’s restaurant in Dayton Ohio before returning to my grandparent’s old house to stay over night. They were still deceased, and we didn’t know the people who currently lived in the home but for some reason we had keys and it was totally cool that we stayed there as long as we cleaned up after ourselves. 

The exterior of the home looked the exact same, but the location and interior of the home was completely different. It was still in Dayton but it wasn’t in their old neighborhood. It was next to a large water tower on top of a hill. I know the location. I’ve driven by it a million times but it’s a business district not a residential district. In my dream, that’s where the house was. 

We walked in the front door and the interior was basically the same, but somehow there was a more modern decor motif and stairs to a second story. The kids I have currently were all with me, except none of them had aged past their current ages even though I was pregnant again. My mom was staying with us, some random reason to rent the house for the night she had to be there, like she knew the family living there or something. 

In addition to that weirdness the dream kept switching back and forth between being at my grandparents house and being at this Long John Silver’s restaurant where mom was ranting at the manager because he didn’t fire a male employee who had somehow assaulted a female employee. I don’t know, I don’t remember if there was more to the story or not. I just remember my sisters and dad piling in the car and driving away while I lingered behind with my mom for whatever reason listening to her fight with this manager on behalf of this other female employee who was a complete stranger to us.

By the end of the dream I was packing up my bags to go back home and mom was rushing me out of my grandparents house before the other family returned. I waddled out of the house and down a steep slope before I startled awake.

Okay… so many things are wrong with that dream, I don’t know what my subconscious was doing. It was mixing memories in with its own fantasy is what happened, but I can’t figure out why. Must have been something I ate. Lol.