Even though I’m not thrilled with being back in the restaurant world I love my kitchen crew. I don’t even remember what started the conversation one day last week but we were all comparing war stories about the last fight we had been in. Lol. It was hilarious because every single one of us on shift that day had a story or two about our wild youth, and narrowly avoiding jail. 

Kitchen people are my people. We’ve all seen some shit, survived more than our fair share of the ugliness of humanity, and work hard but play harder. Many of them are veterans, which also gives everyone a slightly cynical edge, but we all show up on time  and work incredibly well as a team. 

It’s by far the busiest restaurant I’ve ever worked at. From the moment the doors open there is a steady flow of customers. Sometimes there are even people waiting outside before the doors open in the morning. It’s a little crazy honestly how there is zero downtime at all. I clock in and keep moving until the moment I clock out every single day. I honestly prefer it that way, it gives me less time to let my mind wander off to unpleasant restaurant memories. 

I’m glad I ended up with this crew. I don’t think I would have been able to overcome my reservations about the restaurant world without them. We’re all scrappy, and I love it. 

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  1. I THOUGHT this was going to be about my DOG, lol!

    Seriously, glad it’s working out! The hardest thing about any job seems to be getting along with the next guy. Takes but one douche to spoil the canoe…

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