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So in addition to all of the other horrible things gracing the news recently, somehow Taylor Swift’s new song ended up in my trends. I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, but there are a few songs that I enjoy. Or well rather, enjoyed, until she decided to pull her catalogue from Spotify. I certainly don’t like anything of hers enough to buy it, but if it played in my shuffle or something I wouldn’t change it. At least not until now. Her most recent song just turned me off in all sorts of ways. Mostly due to the use of abusive language.

I mean the entire song is about revenge, which in itself is an unhealthy coping mechanism for anger/pain, but it goes beyond that. It’s not just an “I’m angry” song. It’s a blame shifting angry song. Instead of man (or well WOMAN I guess)-ing up and taking responsibility for the mistakes she made which tarnished her reputation, instead she is blaming others and basically gloating about the fact that she can sing her song about them without consequence.

That and the title: “Look what you made me do” just rubs me in all sorts of the wrong way. For someone who just won a huge court case against sexual assault to turn around and use these abusive ideologies in her songs? It gives her the stereotypical, attention seeking, false accusation vibe. Of course, one could argue that she uses these abusive phrases and tactics because she herself has been abused and doesn’t understand how they’re problematic for a great deal of people in recovery. I mean, let’s be real here: for every one person that dislikes the song for the manipulative undertones that strike a cord there are ten people who love it for the very same reasons.

It’s a reflection on society as a whole really, the popularity of this song and the fact that Ms. Swift and her producers didn’t even notice how hypocritical it made her seem after taking such a stand with her court case. *shrugs*


4 thoughts on “Not Cool

  1. There’s a lot that Taylor Swift does that’s hypocritical. That said, few people call her out for it. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

    Also, I love the new theme! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been on here, so I just noticed it.

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  2. Thanks! Yeah… like I said. I’ve never been a real FAN of her music at any point, but this new song just makes me literally sick listening to the abusive language. Especially while so many people were/are celebrating her as this feminist hero for the sexual assault case. You can be a driven, ambitious woman without being abusive. The two are not synonymous and I really wish more people would speak up about it.

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