Suicide Prevention Day

Today is #worldsuicidepreventionday. Please, especially with all of the chaos happening in the US right now, if you are feeling suicidal don’t hesitate to reach out for help. There is a link for international numbers to suicide hotlines available in this article. You are worth it.

The Patchwork Diaries

Today is a weird day for me emotionally. There are a million reasons why, most of which are far too complicated to get into here in the limited few moments I have to write between wrangling the Littles.

I’ve been so low to the point where I wanted to end my own life a total of three times. The first most severe, when I was eighteen. Someone stepped up and saved my life that day, which lead to a domino effect of amazing growth in my life, and eventually my diagnosis of PTSD. To commemorate that event, I went out of the way and got this tattoo. It’s on my wrist to remind me that even when I feel that there isn’t anyone out there who understands me, my disorder over whelms me, or I just get tired of all the stresses in life: I’m worth it. I’m more than…

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