Changing My Audience 

Now that I’m “in” with a publisher, I’ve developed a few children’s books that I’ve had on the back burner for my kiddos. I’ve asked my sister to illustrate them and I’m hoping to have the first ready to print by the Twins second birthday. 

Each of my kiddos have a special plushie. Bear (which is a lion, but Champ insisted he be called Bear) Gigi, the giggling alligator, and Giraffe who never received a more creative name. I’ve taken them and developed them as characters in simple little stories. I don’t know if they’ll actually catch on or sell beyond my friends and family, but I really don’t care. 

It’s something special for my kids that no one else will ever be able to give to them. Since I have an increased chance to develop a degenerative brain disease with my PTSD, medications, and genetics I want to give them something to hold on to if my mind starts to fade in the next 30 years. Or if something else happens to me in the midst of my other publications, or we get separated into different FEMA camps during a neuclear war. I mean really, any of these things are pretty real possibilities in the next ten years. Lol. 

I’m pretty excited about it, even if the only copies that sell are sitting on my bookshelves.