Security Squeal 

So… a few weeks ago we had a security system installed at our home. The price was right. After the Egg Bandit incident it just made sense to take additional steps to protect our home, if nothing else to give Little some peace of mind. Part of the system includes glass break sensors in the bedrooms. They’re supposed to go off when the windows are broken, or hit really hard. 

I’m not entirely sure how they work, if they have a perimeter of the room and when it changes it alarms, or if they detect the pitch of glass breaking or vibrating and alarm. All I know is that when the children squeal at just the right pitch it sets them off and all hell breaks loose lol. 

We’ve had two incidents since the system was installed where the kids were playing and happened to squeal. The alarm sounded, the system was activated and if I hadn’t made it to the panel in time we just about had the entire police force decend on our home. Lol. 

I mean, it’s good to know the system works. It just works too well and is pretty inconvienet with the kids. I’m still glad we went forward with it. Our house is pretty impossible to sneak up on with all of the windows, but I have slept better not staying half awake for the sake of listening for glass breaking and doors opening.