I continued to plow through my recent triggering event, and now coming out the other side things are looking up again. Whiplash anyone? Yes I know… this is how I know I’m healing. The depression phase after a triggering event doesn’t linger for months like it did in the past. It’s over pretty much as soon as it starts. Plus being so busy and only getting time to write a few days here and there a whole lot happens in between posts emotionally speaking now. lol.

I read through the first chunk of my book today. My editor sent me a good portion of it to review and make sure everything was going smoothly. OMG I’m SO GLAD I hired her now instead of just trusting my own eye for editing. It’s the same, it’s my story, but it looks so much cleaner now. It looks professional, and ready to head to the press. Hell, it looks so good now I might even pitch it after it gets back from copyright. I’m so excited. I’m so excited that it’s actually happening. Still… years, and months into this project and I still get giddy thinking about it. lol.

I also got somewhat of a promotion at work. Three weeks in, and they decided that I was wasting my potential just being the produce person. I’m now the produce and catering person. I guess it wasn’t really a promotion so much as it was just taking on additional responsibilities. Which is kind of cool. I kept consistently getting my work done early, and instead of sending me home early every day they decided to give me something else to do.

I may not particularly enjoy the food service industry anymore, but I’m good at it. Go with what you know, right? As long as they don’t keep piling responsibilities onto me with out eventually compensating with my pay, I don’t mind the challenge. Really… produce is kind of boring once you get the hang of it. lol. There are only so many ways to slice a tomato, peel a carrot, chop a head of lettuce, and shred a cabbage. Every day, five days a week? Yeah…