Around the World in 80 Boxes 

Oh my gosh… I have packratted so much junk over the years I have no idea what to do with it all. It’s not just me. Hubs is fairly guilty of low key hoarding himself, with our hoarding powers combined cleaning out our storage unit has been a challenge to stay the least. Lol.

There are some things that have a whole lot of sentimental value that I’m happy to find, there are others I’m kicking myself for ever keeping this long, and most of it is a whoooooooooooooooooole lot of mess. We also had mice get into our unit at some point and a lot of things got destroyed. Some of my favorite shirts, and even my wedding dress got nibbled on. I think I can save the dress since they mostly just chewed on the sash and alterations. I have to wash everything else before I can see if I can salvage it. Our garage looks like a thrift/antique shop at the moment as we go through everything and clean it up really well. lol.


I found my Claddagh tradition ring. It’s not an “official” Claddagh ring, but I wanted to put a modern twist on the old time tradition. I bought it for myself before I started dating and followed the traditional placement. Originally, more than keeping with an Irish tradition, it was to keep men from hitting on me. I wasn’t interested in anyone and didn’t wish to be bothered or harassed about it incessantly. Then when I did meet someone, it represented my own loyalty and commitment to him. Of course no one really paid attention to the direction of the heart when I was wearing it, and it honestly started more drama than it avoided. Even my boyfriend didn’t pay attention to the significance of the tradition, he just thought I was being creepy and clingy. Eventually instead of arguing with everyone I just let it go and adopted it as the “Overly Obsessed Girlfriend Ring”. I thought I pitched it ages ago. Although once it became less about the Claddagh tradition and more a running joke/spite thing I bought several… maybe I pitched those? lol.


I also found this!! My passport! I need to get a new one with my married name on it, but in order to do that I have to turn this one in. There is a process to report it lost or stolen, but having it makes it so much easier. Now I can finally go apply for my new one. I’m trying to get Hubs to apply for his too so we can adventure to Canada at some point. I’ve been to Europe. I’ve been to South America, but I’ve never been to Canada and it’s right next door lol. I’d like to visit some of the more touristy parts of Mexico too eventually, but Canada is a little closer for us. I’ll probably never get Hubs on a plane to visit anywhere else over seas. Although with all of the turmoil going on in Europe right now I’m not sure I even want to visit there again.

In addition to my passport I found my pictures from Brazil and trinkets from Bulgaria. I celebrated my 18th birthday in Bulgaria and received these two dolls as gifts. The plate I think was a wedding gift when Hubs and I got married if I remember correctly. I bought the canoe in Manaus as part of a whole bunch of souvenirs. When I visited the exchange rate was like 5 to 1 favoring the US Dollar. I only brought maybe a hundred dollars with me and brought back a boat load of souvenirs for people. I kept this one for myself in addition to my coins and a vacuum sealed package of coffee.


THESE PINS. I had them pinned to a hat that went with my Taco Bell uniform. The mice ate the hat, but the pins survived. Taco Bell was simultaneously the best and worst experience of my entire young adulthood. It was like my high school experience since I didn’t attend a traditional high school. My crash course on how the world worked over the six years that I was employed there. I can’t even set foot into the first store I worked at anymore. They’ve changed too much, and yet there are still so many lingering memories about that place. I get over whelmed. I think these are collectible if I remember right. I guess I’ll keep them as sort of my badges of courage for surviving that place lol.

We close with various pictures of the Amazon River, which I also found in the midst of my junk. These were the days before Social Media and I actually had to make PRINTS of my photographs to see them. I took the pictures with a camera that had FILM in it and I had to send them off to be DEVELOPED. All of those words will be completely foreign to my kids when they come across this post. They’ll be like WHAT?! Yep… it dates me. It hasn’t even been all that long ago, but it seems like a thousand lifetimes have passed.