Crash and Champ

As my Twins are nearing their second birthday I’ve finally gotten to know them well enough to give them a more proper Blog moniker. B1 and B2 looks diminutive in a way and eventually when they’re old enough to read and get on the computer I’m sure they’ll eventually find my blog. It’s time to introduce my Little Men with their new titles.


This little guy: he’s my Champ. He’s been struggling with various health challenges from the literal day he was born, but none of them have slowed him down yet. He is the sweetest boy, and my most sensitive child all together. He has a massive understanding of the world for someone so small, and I know that he’s destine for great things as he continues to grow.


And this little guy: He’s my daredevil, my Crash. He takes on everything in life so exuberantly that he literally crashes into it. This kid will dive right off the back of the sofa onto the hardwood floors like it was nothing. He frequently smashes his head into different things when he’s excited or frustrated, and he will run around at full speed until his little legs can’t carry him anymore and he drops, sound asleep. I’m not sure where this little guy will end up as he grows. My goal for him is really to stay alive until adulthood when deductive reasoning hopefully catches up with him. lol. Once we get over that hurdle, we’ll see how many opportunities he takes advantage of.


Together they are my Dynamic Duo, my Little Men. Aren’t they adorable in these little swim diapers?! BABY SPEEDOS. lol.

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