Pineapple Up! 

I’ve been lazy. Oh sure, there has been a lot of stress in my life over the past year. I’ve been struggling with different medications for varying lengths of time, the kids have been going through various growth and changes thus creating their own struggles adding to my personal struggles, I was apart from my Hubs for most of the past year, and away from my home gym. There are a lot of things that have prevented me from staying in shape, but when it comes down to it aside from the physical sickness with some of my meds I’ve been lazy. Today: I’m done being lazy. It’s time to Pineapple Up, get back on track with my diet, and back to a workout routine.

I have about 80% of the equipment I need at home and while I miss my gym terribly getting there right now isn’t an option. Logistically more than anything with Hubs and I both working and the Twins being toddlers and taking forever to get ready to go anywhere. lol. My goal is to work my gym time back into the schedule but right now it isn’t working. I realized the other day after a quick little workout that all of my “reasons” for not working to get rid of my extra weight weren’t actually reasons at all, but excuses.

I didn’t have programming, and when I did I didn’t have the equipment I needed for it. Following the same routine all the time gets boring and I lose interest. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with CrossFit in the first place. Something different every day, but all building together into a total fitness package. I didn’t feel like going out to the garage by the time the kids all went to sleep, or my meds made me exhausted, or dizzy, or my hands and feet numb. My hip was out of place. I don’t have anything to do for cardio aside from jump rope and a small trampoline. All of those things really boil right on down to laziness.


Then I started making excuses as to why I was being lazy. Well when I start work I’ll have extra money to buy the supplements I need, and get back on my diet. Well next week I’ll stop eating so much sugar. Next month I’m cutting out fast food! Before Christmas I’ll stop drinking soda again. If I just had this and that and this I could start exercising again and losing this weight.

That’s all it was. They were all excuses. Eating well is time consuming and expensive, but it’s worth it. Even if I can’t eat as well as I want to right now trying to figure out how my income works into the budget and how Hubs’ new shift will pan out, I can still make better food choices than I have been making recently. I ate fast food almost daily when we lived in Ohio out of sheer convenience. I was tired taking care of the kids 24/7, and everyone had to eat at some point. Delivery or drive thru it was! I don’t have to worry about the kids 24/7 anymore. Hubs is here to share that responsibility, so I can take the time to fix meals at home. Even if they aren’t my beloved Paleo recipes, a canned green bean or a steamed veggie is better than none at all and they are infinitely better than fast food every day.

So I’ve made my commitment. I’m swearing off soda and fast food, and getting out to the garage at LEAST twice a week until I get my cardio back where it needs to be, and then I’ll go from there. It has to happen. I’m not going to lose this weight until it does, and I really need to lose this weight. It’s making me miserable. Physically, making me sick and it’s got to go!