Put away the champagne…. *ahem* Hubs and I are just fine, thank you. I did go through and delete our pics on my public social media, and this will probably be the last post where I mention him directly. A coworker of his began creeping my social media pages after Hubs deleted his own, which lead them here and subsequently to all of my other public social media.

We don’t know exactly how long it’s been going on. They’ve been getting progressively more creepy, and Hubs and I have had progressively more weird things happening around our property. Our new property that we’ve only been living in for a few months. At first I was worried that my Ohio problems might have followed me to our new home, and I was about to hardcore rage smash things. But then one afternoon at work this coworker comes up and asked Hubs a really weird question. They described our weekend plans to a tee; then asked Hubs if he had fun.

We never left the house, and I haven’t been live blogging anything for months barring my feelings about Chester Bennington’s death. Everything I’ve written since we left Ohio has been almost a month post dated. Like the events happened three or four weeks before the post went live. There’s no way Hubs’ coworker could have known what we were doing based on my public social media. They had to actually drive by our home at some point and watch us.

I think this whole situation is more scary than my previous cyber stalking issues for the simple fact that he’s a stranger. He just randomly picked out Hubs and started creeping on him all over the place. At least my stalkers knew me at one point, and I mostly know what to expect from them. This new person is a wildcard. We have no idea what started their obsession with Hubs or why. It’s getting really scary.

Hubs has had his suspicions for a while interacting with this person on a daily basis, and deleted all of his social media accounts quite a while ago. So I felt it was my duty to protect his privacy. I’m not mad at Hubs, and we aren’t breaking up. In fact our marriage has never been better to be perfectly honest lol. Our time apart over the last year was good for us. We’ve resolved a lot of our issues, and taken on things as more of a team effort lately. He helps me more around the house, and I’m helping him by going back to work. We split the outside chores, he’s doing much better with his budgeting, we’re making more of an effort to spend time together one on one instead of our hit and miss “dating” in the past.
Everything had been really great this year so far, aside from the few little hiccups with Little’s nightmares and the break in. I’m looking forward to a happy future together with my Hubs. I just won’t be sharing it publicly anymore. 😘



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  1. I sure the hell hope he plans to report this crap to the higher ups. And, I think I’d look into how well this idiot knows the neighbors with the drone. This ain’t no crap to play with and I think the words “restraining order” ought to be floated about.

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  2. Oh he told his supervisor, but they can’t do anything about it. It’s all circumstantial since we don’t actually have any pictures of the guy creeping around our house. We can’t report it to the police for the same reason. Especially here in Indiana. The police don’t care until someone is physically attacking you inside your home before they’ll issue a restraining order. It’s ridiculous.


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