What it Takes

I had a moment like this myself recently, where my blinders fell off and I was finally able to see my own privilege. Very well written piece. Click through and check it out!

The First Ten Words by Rich Larson

Edina A neighborhood in Edina, Minnesota, just a mile or so from where I grew up

By Rich Larson

Last week, I published a piece about civility and how Americans are losing the ability to communicate with each other. I received a comment on that article from a woman named Lisa J., who identified herself as a Black woman, and very politely asked this question: “I am from the intersection of two communities where politeness has meant the preservation of an oppressive status quo. Under what circumstances should the shouting begin and when?”

Yesterday morning, I was sitting in a recliner, drinking a cup of coffee with my MacBook Air on my lap. My wife was sitting next to me in another very comfortable chair scrolling through Facebook on her iPad. We had been discussing the case of Justine Damond, the white, Australian-born Minneapolis resident who was shot and killed by…

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