The Kitchen Song 

After almost two weeks of nightmares and poor sleep from my Little we’ve finally discovered something that helps keep her nightmares at bay.

The kids and I were sitting in the car over the weekend while Hubs quickly ran into the grocery store. Little has inherited the Hale family love for music, and requested that I plug my phone into the car so we could listen to something. I obliged, and hit the shuffle button. Several songs played through until we settled on Blue October‘s latest album Home.

Little got very excited when we made it to the title track and started yelling from the back seat: “Mommy!! Mommy it’s the kitchen song! I love that one!” So we put that one on repeat. We listened to it about ten times through, Little sang along with the chorus, B2 joined in with a few strategic “ooo”s and random words, and I started happy crying.

I tried to get a video of them singing along, but it silenced the music when I hit record so all I got was this annoyed picture lol. They were mad at me because the music stopped.

After my photo op fail, Little said: “Mommy? I love The Kitchen Song. It makes me feel safe and keeps the bad dreams out of my head. I like the part about mommy and daddy. It reminds me of you and daddy how much you care about us.”

WHICH OF COURSE ONLY MADE MY HAPPY TEARS EVEN WORSE. I went from lightly weeping to straight up ugly crying. Little is 4, getting ready to turn 5 this Fall and listening to her explain why a song was important to her, a song from my favorite band no less, just made my heart explode with feels.

When we got home I showed her the picture on our mantle. It’s a signed poster we received at their last show we attended. I told her that these were the people who played “The Kitchen Song” she looked at the picture and then said: “They look like nice people. I like them. They make the best songs.”

I have to agree with her there. They do make some killer music, and it takes away my Little’s bad dreams. As if I didn’t already  have a huge love for this band and the way their music inspired me, now it’s taking my Little’s nightmares away? Yep. Sold. Fan for life. An ugly cryer fan for life lol.