New Adventures

Our cookout was a great success!! One of the perks of my current meds is that I can drink again. One glass of wine was all it took and I felt daring. Lol.

Hubs has had a Honda CB750 motorcycle for the past three years. It’s big enough for a passenger, but the past two riding seasons I haven’t been able join him. I was pregnant with the twins the year before last, and last year I was in Ohio and it needs some work before Hibs feels comfortable taking it on a long haul. While there were other adults to keep an eye on our kiddos, Hubs and I finally got to go out on a ride together. 

It was the first time I’d ridden a motorcycle before, ever. Hubs’ bike isn’t quite big enough to fit two people comfortably for long periods of time so we just kind of tooled around town, but it was still pretty exciting zipping around, snuggled up to my Hubs and refreshing to feel the warm summer wind on my face. I can see why Hubs enjoys it so much now. 

I don’t think I want my own bike, but taking it out to dinner or for a date night when we have a sitter will be fun. Something different and much more fun than my minivan lol. I don’t know maybe that’s the wine talking… lol. 

The whole day was just really fun and relaxing. I’m glad the weather cooperated and we’re home close to our friends. I think it made up for the dud of a 4th last year and then some. 

I finally got on the bike. Next on our list of new adventures to conquer: skydiving. We’ll see how that goes… lol. 

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