Feeling Festive 

Happy Independence Day, American friends! I know it’s not until tomorrow, but I’m feeling exceptionally festive this year.

Last year the 4th was a dud, and I felt kind of guilty being the Twins’ first. This year we’re going all out. We’re having people over, grilling out, and relaxing with fun explosions. The way all 4th of July’s should be celebrated in the US. Who knows? This year could be one of the last we have to celebrate before the country collapses into complete political chaos? I mean really… 

We finally got the kids’ playground set up this weekend! Mulched, and assembled just in time for the holiday. I’m super happy with it. 

Little was over the moon with excitement to have her swing and play house back. We even inherited an extra cabin somewhere along the way and a Boy Size slide for the Twins. We still have to repair the fence behind it, but Little spent all afternoon outside waiting to play and we didn’t quite get around to it before she was running all over the place trying out every single thing that she had missed so much while we were in the apartment. 

ANYWAY… I’m looking forward to the festivities of the holiday this year, and wishing my fellow Americans the best in their own. 

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