Boys on Bikes

My baby boys are growing up. Hubs finally went to get his bike out of storage, and they were mesmerized by it. B2 was especially excited! Hubs sat him down on the seat and the first thing out of his mouth was ZOOM! B1 was slightly more reserved. He wasn’t entirely committed to the idea of riding a giant scary motorcycle even though it wasn’t running and parked lol. They’re going to be a lot of fun when they’re old enough for the power wheels lol.

My big boys also graduated from their cribs into toddler beds this week. B1 kept getting his leg stuck in the spindles. We almost had to call the fire department to get him out one morning. Apparently IKEA doesn’t mess around when they’re constructing their crib spindles!! Hubs was home, we woke to B1 screaming because he was stuck so I hopped up and ran in there trying to pull his leg back through and it wouldn’t budge. Some how he got himself not only stuck between the spindles but twisted around too. I tried everything I could think of to get him back out and it just wasn’t working. So I called Hubs who came in and did the same thing. Everything I tried, Hubs tried too until we finally decided that we just needed to break it.  Hubs pulled on it every which way trying to break it apart, and even THAT wasn’t working. B1 was freaking out, B2 started freaking out because B1 was freaking out, Hubs started freaking out, and I’m trying to keep every one calm but also slightly freaking out until B1 finally managed to twist himself around just right and slid his leg out.

That was the last straw. We converted their beds immediately after breakfast. Which I thought would work great. The boys wouldn’t keep getting stuck and everything would be fine, right? Oh no. lol. My little boys are champion self soothers ALONE. When you put them into the same room with no boundaries to keep them apart? All hell breaks loose. They actually didn’t get into trouble so much as they just kept one another awake. B1 was exhausted and B2 just wouldn’t leave him alone. I eventually had to take B1 out of the room until B2 fell asleep lol. This is why we originally set out to buy a four bed room house. I’m hoping that they settle in after a week or two and it won’t continue to be an issue. If it does continue to be an issue, I’m not entirely sure what we’re going to do…. except maybe buy a sofa bed until we can add another bedroom lol.

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