Spider Pirates

Ahhhhhhhhhhh…… nothing like a relaxing weekend of yard work with my Hubs, and playing outside, enjoying the nice freshly tended yard with the kiddos. I can’t believe I actually look forward to doing yard work with Hubs every weekend lol. I do. I really do. We spent the better part of the afternoon Saturday, mowing, weeding, and spending time generally being outside. It was great.

After we put the kids to bed, we pulled out the grill and Hubs made us some delicious steaks. We enjoyed them in the quiet of our garage with the bay door open taking in all the sights and smells of a cool summer night. It was perfect. The entire day just made my heart smile. We also got the garage rearranged a bit, giving me more room for my gym equipment. I think Hubs might actually start lifting with me!! He took three years of weights in high school so he understands how to perform all of the lifts, but he just never really got into it after school. I hope he starts working out with me. It’ll be fun to have another hobby we enjoy doing together aside from yard work.

Toward the end of the evening Little was out on the front porch drawing up a storm with Hubs. She decided to keep the bad men out of our house we needed a pirate flag with the skull and crossbones. Hubs obliged and we were left with this guarding our front entrance. I thought it was pretty cool.

In addition to keeping the bad men out of our house… this flag also represents the band of Spider Pirates that live in our front hedge. There are a bunch of those little dudes too. lol. Our rock garden in the front yard was sadly neglected for several years. I’ve been trying to clean it up over the past few weeks and every time I sit down there with my rake to turn over the rocks and get rid of the weeds at least ten, very large, very angry, spiders scurry away. I’m hoping that it’s the same ten I just keep chasing around being rousted from different parts of the garden lol. Little was sitting there watching them scurry and decided that they were pirates, and the garden was their ship. I was a sea monster, and they had to run from me. I mean…. you can’t really argue with that imaginative logic right there.

I think it’s time to make Little an appointment with her therapist. She’ll go in spurts where she’s okay and then she has nights like Saturday night where she is concerned with bad men breaking into her house again. She doesn’t seem to really be able to move forward completely from it and that worries me. She’s already predisposed to PTSD because I have it. There is some amount of genetic factors contributing to brain chemistry when it comes to PTSD. The research is still in it’s infancy so there isn’t much that can be done about it right now, but it really concerns me when it comes to watching Little deal with this trauma. It’s not often that she feels insecure or unafraid, but when she is it’s always about the same thing. It’s always about having nightmares and bad men in her house.

Hopefully getting her into therapy sooner than later will prevent this little snag from becoming a full blown disorder later in her life. I guess even if it does, at least getting started with the proper coping mechanisms now will prepare her for treatment later.