Hurry Up and Wait

Well I’m feeling quite accomplished. The book is officially out of my hands at this point. It’s with the editor to finish her edits; then off to the copyright office. When it get’s back from there? PUBLICATION. *throws confetti*

I’ve been working toward this goal for the better part of four years. It will be exactly four years this coming August. I didn’t actually plan it, but my first deadline for edits happens to fall on the 4th anniversary of when I started everything lol. I guess it was meant to be.

These next few months are going to be the most difficult part of the entire process. Patience is not one of my strong suits and being literally helpless to move anything along at this point is already driving me crazy lol. I don’t mind relinquishing control of the project over all. Honestly, I was getting burnt out trying to read through everything and catch my grammatical errors. It’s nice to have someone else taking the reigns in that respect. It’s just that before I had control over the timeline of everything. If I wanted to sit down and blow through five hundred pages in one sitting I could. If I wanted to walk away and take a break from everything I could. Now… I just have to twiddle my thumbs and check my email a million times a day waiting for updates lol.

Patience is a virtue right? It’s one of the things I need to work on over all, now that I’ve mostly mastered my emotions. I guess I’ll use this experience as a growth experience. Plus, now that my book is out of the way, I can return to the workforce! Hubs is really excited about that… sort of. He’s excited about the financial boost we’ll get, taking all of the responsibility off of himself, but he’s not looking forward to splitting the housework and tending the kids. I know he can do it, he is just very particular when it comes to his morning rituals, and habits. He can’t get everything done that he likes to get done wrangling the kids lol.

I’m… kind of excited to get back into the workforce I think. I only have to work part time so I’ll still have plenty of time to write, spend with the kids, get to the gym and everything else I’ve enjoyed during my stay at home mom life these past few years. Plus, now that my mental health seems to have completely stabilized it will be good for me to have some adult interaction through out the week. lol. I’ve never really been the most socially adept person in the world, but staying at home with the kids has pretty much killed any sort of social graces I might have earned over the years.

Mommy needs adult time. lol.