Mama Duck

Have I talked about the duck nesting in our drive way? Lol. That’s the problem with only posting once or twice a week. I can’t remember what I’ve written or where. 

Anyway… we’ve had a duck nesting in our driveway kind of nestling up around the side of the house. She scared Hubs a few weeks ago while he was doing yard work. He got too close to her nest and she took off flapping like crazy. After we found her, she sort of became like our pet duck. We checked on her, kept the neighborhood dogs away from her, and tossed her some greens once or twice. 

Yesterday we discovered the nest was abandoned and found some shells. Most of her eggs hatched at some point overnight. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to show Little the ducklings, but I’m excited that the eggs hatched. Mama Duck should return next year and we’ll be ready for her this time! 

Little loves ducks. This entire experience has been really special for her, and helped with the transition from Ohio. 

She hasn’t had a nightmare in almost two weeks, and her behavior has improved so much. She’s never been a bad kid, but those last few months in our apartment were hard on everyone. She was acting out a lot. She’s back to her normal, happy, exuberant self now. 

I’ve missed that sweet smile. Now I just have to ride my own wave of emotions. They’re coming. I can feel them somewhere under the surface as I’m adjusting to my new meds. 

Which, my new meds… argh! My old ones kept me too wound up, and these sedate me to the point of becoming a lazy lump. I am enjoying the fact I don’t have the hellacious carb cravings like I did with my first med. I just need a little bit more oomph to keep me motivated. Although I guess I can reintroduce caffeine into my diet now… idk. I just wish my crazy brain could make these chemicals on its own. 

It can’t, and after so many years living undiagnosed it won’t be able to. I can control my symptoms without meds, but I can’t correct the problem. I may never be able to find a synthetic combination that keeps me on level. This is only med number 3, and they’re coming up with new ones every day. I could be doing this for years lol. Eventually something will be tolerable at the very least. Fingers crossed!!