Don’t Fall in Love with a Writer  

I love this poem. It came across my Tumblr dash the other day and it got me right in the feels! I’m not sure if this particular author is the original author or if the entire poem has become a victim of the internet and lost it’s original attribution. Either way… the prose is beautiful. I think it can apply to all artists really, not just writers.

“Don’t fall in love with a writer. They will remember everything about you, the good and the bad. The ones you don’t want to remember. The ones you thought that weren’t worth remembering. They will not let any of them go, and they will make sure to tattoo every detail of you on paper, on board or any possible surface.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. They will bury your embarrassing moments in them, they will carve your broken times in their hearts. They will spill ink all over your memories and throw them all onto blank pages. They will find beauty in every ugly situation that once happened in your life.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. They will dig you up from your hiding place, they will dig your soul out. They will strip down your walls, they will strip your heart and soul naked, and explore your darkest thoughts. They will stay in there and find ways to pen down the darkness. Then they will grab your hand and run. Run from all thoughts, run from everything that is holding you down. They will live in you and leave your soul all bare.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. They will take hold of your hopes and dreams, your successes and failures, your beauty and flaws, your perfections and imperfections. They will take all there is, and they will not return any of them back. They will turn everything about you, to spilled ink. They will turn you to songs, to stories, to poetry. And there is nothing you can do to stop them from doing so.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. They are complex beings. They are fucking insane. You will lose your mind, you will lose yourself if you try to understand what is roaming around in their heads, if you try to understand them entirely. Even writers don’t understand themselves at most times. So if you were to fall for a writer, be prepared to say goodbye to your sanity.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. They will not always think of you. They will not always dream of you. They will not always prioritize you. They will not always have a bouquet of flowers and countless of chocolate bars with them. Or should I say, they might not even have any flowers or chocolates for you. They might even choose to spend their Sunday afternoons on the typewriter with a cup of coffee than to cuddle with you in bed.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. When they start to love, they will love with their all. They will love so hard, so hard that it might suffocate you. You may think that you can handle it but on the contrary, you can’t. Things are different when it comes to writers. You think you can keep your head up but their love will pull you down and it will drown you. They will drown you in their ocean of love.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. You might not be able to turn back, to save yourself once you do. You may even remember them for the rest of your life, whether they are a part of it or not. You will not be able to remove them, to erase their words because it’s the only thing that remains permanent, that remains alive in this world. You will find pieces of yourself in between the letters, and they will haunt you for god knows how long.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. They will write about you. They will write and write and write about you. They will use you to ink their blank pages, but once they decide to stop writing about you, once they swear to not let you be the reason behind their spilled ink, you will no longer exist in their letters. And no matter what you do, you can never be a part of the ink on their paper no more.

Don’t fall in love with a writer. They tend to notice everything but will speak nothing of it. Why? Simply because, they know that words are meaningless unless written. And believe me when I say this, they know how things will be at the end of the day, be it a relationship or a friendship. So oftentimes, they will write about sadness more than happiness. If you plan to leave them, they will not beg for you to stay. They will not hold you back, but they will let you go no matter how much it hurts for them to do so. They will just find a secluded spot of theirs with a pen and some papers, and write and write and write. That’s the thing with writers; they just choose to bleed through their pen, their words.” 

L.W. // Don’t fall for a writer like me