Neon Blue

Hubs went over the top with my birthday this year. This was my last gift of the year. An opportunity to see my favorite band at a really awesome venue and we got to meet them too. 

Hubs was on cloud nine as two of the band members complimented his wardrobe and hair style (which he cut himself), and I was honestly a little overwhelmed with it all. Lol. In a great way. A way that I need and often times crave now that my life has settled down substantially. 

It was perfect. A perfect way to welcome in year 30. I don’t even really know what to say about it honestly lol. The entire experience was better than I ever could have imagined. The more I see this band the more I really appreciate them and their music. It’s kind of funny actually how I first got introduced to them. 

I was browsing CD’s at Walmart because I was bored one afternoon and grabbed two random albums off the shelf. I was like: “Blue October, huh? I like blue, I like October, why not?” and now I couldn’t imagine the course of my life without their music filtering through the background. 

That album kept me company on many lonely nights when I first moved to Indy almost ten years ago, and I’ve purchased each of their albums since. Which is really saying a lot considering I rarely buy any hard copies of music anymore. 

Hubs being completely starstuck there, while the rest of us barely finished talking and ended up mid smile before the shutter snapped. 

Not going to lie, it was a little intimidating meeting the band, especially Justin here. They were all super nice and genuinely enjoyed interacting with their fans, but what the hell are you supposed to say to the guy who’s lyrics illustrating his journey through recovery from addiction helped keep you moving forward through your own recovery from mental illness and abuse? In the entire five minutes you have to interact with him? Lol. 

I’m honestly surprised I didn’t just start bawling because I was literally unable to express myself in the teeny tiny time we spoke. But hey!! At least I didn’t have a panic attack and almost pass out this time! I altually got to enjoy the entire show, and now I have some extra great memories to store next to all of my albums. 

That’s just a little snippet of the awesome there. One of my favorite songs off of their latest album. Go buy it!! 

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