Got it Covered

*squeeeeeeeeee* I got the cover and ISBN for my book finalized yesterday!! I started the second round of edits as well. Only one more round of editing and it’s off to the copyright office! That will be the longest step, and will probably kill me with anticipation. It takes anywhere from 4-6 months to receive your approval from the copyright office, and I can’t do anything else with it until I get my certificate of copyright. SO… it’s all very much been a hurry up and wait endeavor so far. Now I know why I was drawn to blogging before booking. Instant gratification lol. 

Slap that Creative Commons license up there in my side bar, and away I go. None of this waiting for proof readers, or edits, or copy rights, or publication after a pre-sale period… nope. Type the words and hit the button here lol. Of course at my level of blogging I don’t really get compensated the way I could if my book takes off. So I guess making sure I take my time and file all the correct paperwork now is better than ending up in a pointless court battle later. 

I am moving forward, however slowly and that’s super encouraging. Right now this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten to completing a book. I have drafts upon drafts upon drafts of unedited, or all together abandon books. This one? This one is my baby. It’s gone much better than any other attempts. I think this is the one that needs to be on a few book shelves. 

In other news, the kids have finally settled into their new rooms and routines. Bedtime is no longer a huge fight, and Little doesn’t get up to wander around at all hours of the night. I’m so relieved it was just stress contributing to her behavioral issues. I have my happy go lucky little girl again, and it brings a smile to my face any time I see her outside enjoying her back yard freedom. 

Hubs took a surprise vacation day for my birthday, allowing me to spend some one on one time with B1 too. B1 is the most sensitive of my kiddos and he was beginning to feel left out after his brother started walking. One afternoon running errands with me, and he was as good as gold. Ornery gold, but still… lol. We went to the grocery store, he joined me at the chiropractor, and we even enjoyed a special snack on the way home. 

B1 enjoyed being the only kid. B2 was distraught the entire time he was gone. Hubs told me that a few minutes after we walked out the door B2 started calling for him and just kept repeating “Brudder, where are you? Mama, where are you?”. lol. 

It’s great being able to watch the kids interact with one another as they grow. It was fun watching Little learn how to interact with adults, but it’s amazing to watch all of my Littles interact with each other. I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with my babes. 

In addition to helping me around the house an extra day this week, Hubs also spoiled me with delicious meals. He made French Toast for breakfast, and grilled chicken for dinner, complete with a birthday cupcake! He did all the dishes, put the kids in bed, and just went out of his way to make me feel appreciated and special. 

I always get relatively screwed around my birthday because it falls during the beginning of the month when all of the big bills are due. We rarely have extra room in our budget to do anything fun, or buy extravagant gifts. This year, Hubs went above and beyond with little simple things, aaaaaaaaaaaaand he might have gotten me some Lululemon workout gear. No, he did. He got me a Lululemon outfit, complete with pants, shirt and jacket. 

I’ve been longing for some Lululemon since I started working out regularly. It’s expensive, but completely worth every penny. I could wear that shirt all day every day and never be uncomfortable. I don’t know how I feel about the Pants just yet. They’re comfortable, that’s for certain, but they tend to snag on just about everything, even the couch and other fabrics. The wicking effect is top notch. I just wish they didn’t snag everywhere. The jacket is just as amazing as the shirt. It’s thick and fuzzy and warm. It will be perfect going back and forth from the gym this winter. Not big and bulky, but cozy and warm. 

Some women want designer bags or shoes. This girl is all about her designer workout clothes. Lol. They are definitely a luxury, and I will enjoy them as such while sweating profusely and slinging my barbell around. Lol. 

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  1. So excited to hear about your book! Well done to you and I wish you a smooth journey to sharing it with the world. Want a tremendous achievement. I hope that one day I will be in a position to write something similar. I have a vision of what it will be, and when the time is right, I hope I have what it takes to make it a reality. Good luck with it all πŸ™‚

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