Garden Party

When we bought the house, the landscaping had been neglected for AT LEAST three seasons. It looks like it’s going to take it at least two seasons to recover if not more too. Yard work isn’t extremely difficult if you keep up with it, but even losing just one season will allow the plants to take over.

I’ve been working diligently on getting all of the beds back in order, weeding, and general yard maintenance for the past three days. My body hurts everywhere, but I’ve really been enjoying it. I forgot how much I really enjoy yard work. Before we sold our previous house, we’d hired a landscaper for the past two seasons. He did an exceptional job, and it was nice to be free to do whatever we wanted on the weekends without being tied down to yard work responsibility.

In the new house, we’ve just taken up doing it ourselves again. Now that the kids are all old enough to play safely in their rooms for an hour it makes coming out to mow a lot easier. Plus I can get it done through the week while Hubs is working and we still have the entire weekend to do fun family things. It’s been pretty awesome honestly. lol. Took me a minute to get reacquainted with the Weed Eater, but now I could be a landscaping pro. I don’t particularly want to be a landscaping pro, but at least I have the ability lol.

I suppose I should enjoy gardening as I’ve officially crossed the threshold from young adult into a “real” adult. That’s right. Today is the big 3-0. It’s all down hill from here. lol. Ugh… It’s weird because I don’t particularly feel any more mature, or older, or refined in my maturity or whatever comes with 30. I do feel quite a bit more settled though. Rooted I guess is a good way to describe it. I have a happy, stable relationship with my Hubs. We have a new home, that’s proving to be an exceptional investment as our suburb just announced all sorts of plans for HUGE developments, new shopping, and a projection for property values to triple upon the completion of all these projects. It also means our taxes will triple, and our payment will go up, BUT the investment part of the property is a relative gold mine. We’re done having kids, our family is established and we get to enjoy watching them grow up with out the lingering pressure of looming pregnancy, or miscarriages. Hubs is getting ready to go back to school this Fall and finish his engineering degree. As soon as we get B2’s therapy schedule figured out, I’m going to start putting in applications and heading back to the work force. I drive a freakin’ mini van… This is it. Life doesn’t get more stable, middle American, than this right here and I’m quite content with it.

Aside from making it back to school, I completed every goal I set for myself after I turned 18, to achieve before 30. Now I have to come up with a whole new set of goals to achieve before 50.  Let’s see…

  • Publish my book.
  • Get all of the kids through school, complete to graduation.
  • Start a retirement fund for myself, or find a way to contribute to Hubs’.
  • Reach my healthy goal weight, and avoid pre-diabetes.
  • Participate in at least one CrossFit competition.
  • Pay off, and trade in my Mom Van for something else.
  • Visit my family on the West Coast at least once.
  • Run a 5k, at least once.
  • Finish my degree (although the way things keep going in life to prevent me from getting back to school, I’ll just be happy if I can get a degree at all even if it doesn’t happen before 50 lol)
  • Continue my advocacy work for survivors of abuse and sexual assault, in a larger capacity than independent blogging.

And whatever sub goals might come from pursuit of any of those listed above. If blogs still exist  twenty years from now, I’ll come back to this post. Hopefully with a giant red check sitting next to every one of my goals and then some.

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  1. Can’t say I ever set goals myself- and my birthday put me 25 years up on you, you pup! I have hit your #s2 and 3- or will if/when Shenan gets her GED- and blew the crap outta number four…


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