Take No Prisoners 

Finally got B2 enrolled in the Indiana developmental therapy program. He’s been walking on his own pretty well for almost two weeks, but I set up his evaluation when we closed on the house so all of that happened this week. Like… all of it. We met the intake coordinator, had the evaluation, and met our service coordinator all in the span of three days. 

The program here isn’t as nice or efficient as the one in Ohio, and if B2 needs services past age 3 we’ll be paying for it out of pocket. The school system here only offers aid to kiddos with learning disabilities, not all disabilities like they did in Ohio. Hopefully, B2 will get his walking/legs figured out well before he turns 3 so we won’t have to worry about it. 

He scored higher in social and cognitive development than he did in Ohio, meaning that he is consistently advancing well past expectations in those two areas. His sensory issues have also taken a back seat in recent weeks now that he’s mastered walking. He’ll take off across all floors, surfaces, and textures now like it’s no big deal. 

I’m still a bit concerned about his self soothing abilities, but even those have seemed to work themselves out now that we’re all under one roof again. I think a lot of his issues might have been more stress related than anything else. I’m glad that chapter of our lives is behind us.

Here instead of getting biweekly appointments alternating between a PT and DT as he did in Ohio, B2 is signed up for weekly PT appointments with an outside therapist here in Indiana. They’ll still visit our home, and we just barely scraped by the income requirements to have free services through the state, but it’s all outsourced through private companies. We don’t have a team assigned to us by the county like we did in Ohio, and it really is just the very bare bones necessities here. 

There were so many other opportunities for the kids in Ohio. B2 for his therapies, but even the other kids benefitted from the fun extracurricular things available to us through our Ohio program. It’s making the decision to move back just that much more sore… BUT as long as B2 gets what he needs somewhere, either through the state or privately that’s the most important part. 

Both of my Little Men turned 18 months old this past week too!! EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD. It doesn’t seem possible that these little people could already be one and a half years old. Half way to two. My babies aren’t BABIES anymore. 

Time flies when you’re having fun, or so the saying goes. Lol.