Bloody Onions

Indiana has this philosophy: these systems have worked for hundreds of years, why modernize them now?! 

SO even in the suburbs we have a well, and while it’s awesome not to have a water bill the water is disgusting. It’s safe per the health department, and our home inspection but the iron content is quite high. Not a toxic level, obviously, but anytime the hot water is running the whole house reeks of iron and onions. It has that pungent WOW smell that’s often accompanied by large amounts of blood and the first week or so that we were in the house it made me sick. 

I was teasing Hubs about changing my name to… whatever that Romanian countess’ name is who bathed in the blood of her enemies… Elizabeth I think? Anyway…  that’s really what it smells like any time I take a shower. Bathing in blood and I am not a fan. 

We have a softener, but much like the rest of the property it hasn’t been maintained in at least three years. It’s going to be a whooooooooooooooole thing to get it working correctly again. Salt, iron water, all those things when neglected make for one fun clean up after years of neglect. 

I’m not entirely sure where the onion scent comes from, unless it’s one of my bath gels mixing with the iron and creating some sort of chemical reaction. It’s not just me, the kids have an oniony scent to them after their baths too. Maybe it’s not my soap and it’s just my body chemistry? I don’t know, but I’m determined to find out. I can’t take those bloody onion showers for much longer lol.

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  1. Right?! Hubs had natural gas leeching into the well when he was growing up. You could actually light the tap! I guess there are worse things that could be in our water all things considered lol. I just can’t stand the smell. 😝

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