Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 

So we live in Indianapolis, right? A city basically known for the 500. There are other things Indy is known for, but most people relate it to the 500. The entire month of May around here is known as Race Month, traffic and tourists get progressively worse until the day of The Race which is always held on Sunday Memorial Day Weekend. 

We bought our new home knowing that it we wasn’t actually in Speedway, where the track is and other Race Month festivities are held, but what we didn’t realize is just how close to Speedway we actually were. Should have looked more closely at a map I guess lol. 

Anyway… we can hear a bunch of the pre-qualifiers, and other Race festivities from our front porch. We weren’t home during The Race itself, taking the opportunity to do our shopping before all traffic hell broke loose, as people made their way home from a drunken weekend. 

I also forgot that this side of town is where the airport is. We’re like fifteen minutes away from the airport but WOW do planes fly in low over here when they use a certain landing pattern and runway. Little was terrified the first time she saw three planes come in right in a row. They aren’t quite low enough to make the windows shake like the military planes coming into the base near our apartment, but they do make quite a racket and look massive being so low. 

So that’s planes and cars making a whole bunch of noise… we’re ALSO really close to the rail yard, train depot for both passenger and freight trains in and out of the city. There are a whole bunch of different tracks heading in both directions, and almost consistent rail traffic from 10pm-4am, which means a whole lot of train horns, breaks squealing and the general rumble of trains on tracks. We’re in a triangle of sorts between three different crossings for the same two tracks, and per the crossing regulations the engineers pretty much have their horn open for ten minutes traveling in either direction. 

I love it. All of the hustle and bustle of city sounds, and we’re still snuggled back into our culdesac far enough away from the busy roads that the din creates a pleasing background and isn’t OMG IN YOUR FACE.