This is my favorite room in the entire house. It’s sort of an extension of the living room, kind of a hall way, part of my writing nook… it’s just my favorite space. 

It’s not quite done yet. I still have to return the extra flooring and finish painting but it’s really starting to come together and I love it. 

It’s come a long way since we bought the place that is for SURE. 

It’s a wood burning fireplace, so it comes with a chimney and all of that. With chimneys comes birds and other small wildlife if they aren’t properly sealed. Last night as I was cleaning up around the fireplace it happened. 

We’ve been hearing noises shuffling around in the flue since we moved in, but we assumed it was merely an echo from the birds that nested inside the bird wire cage poorly designed to keep them out. 

We were wrong. I walked past the fireplace and something caught my eye. I couldn’t tell immediately what it was, but it scurried out of sight almost as if it hadn’t been there at all. If I hadn’t caught a glimpse of its beady little eyes reflecting in the living room light I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all. 

We’re still not entirely sure what it is/was since it managed to find its way out of the firebox and back up into the flue. Lol. Being so nimble and not having wings we’re pretty sure it was a squirrel. Just hanging out in my fireplace like it owns the place. Whatever it is, it has to have a way in and out since we’ve been hearing the same noises since we started our renovations and moved in. Or it’s been eating bugs and or left overs from the birds at the top. 

I don’t even know. I didn’t even know this was like a common problem to have with a wood burning fireplace, or who to call/what to do about it lol. I just sort of propped a box up against the doors there to keep it from getting out and called Hubs. He wasn’t sure what to do about it either lol. 

Ahhhh, the joys of homeownership. Lol.