Emergency Gator

WOW. This week got away from me. I’ve been so busy getting things unpacked and visiting friends I haven’t seen in ages I actually haven’t had time to write. lol. Or well at least blog.

I’ve been working on my book mostly when I have a free second to sit down at the computer. So far I’ve received several minor edits, and one raving review from my proof readers which is encouraging! I just have to buckle down and get it all organized and ready to pitch. That’s probably going to be taking up most of my writing energy here in the next few months. Isn’t that how it always works? Finally build up a decent following, only to be distracted by other writing projects and disappear from blogdom. lol. Every time!

The kids are settling in really well at the house. I’m kind of surprised, honestly. Little is still having the occasional nightmare, but nothing like it was there during our last few weeks at the apartment. Something, or someone spooked her and she almost refused to sleep in her room alone. Now that we’re here and she has her new purple room just as promised she’s fairing much better. Of course we also have Hubs here with us, and she enjoys seeing him every morning before he goes off to work.

We ALLLLLLLLLLLL enjoy having Hubs home with us again. It’s the first thing the Twins say every morning when they wake up right now: “Daddy, daddy, daddy!” I’ve been sleeping a lot better too, which is helping stabilize my moods. I’m starting to feel sick after taking my meds, which is another really encouraging thing. I have to make a doctors appointment so I can lower my dose and hopefully ween back off of them all together. Top score!

Let’s see… what else has happened in the past week… lol. Too much to keep track of. I might be taking a nanny job, which will be a hefty little boost in our income, and I get to stay at home with my own kids too! It’s just an extra kid to add to my melee. lol. He can’t cause too much trouble, he’s only an infant. One of my good friends had her baby this past February. She, her husband, and the new Little came over to visit last Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised how well the Twins took to having someone smaller than themselves around.

B2 was excited, chanting “Baby, baby, baby!” and B1 was skeptical until he figured out that this new kid wasn’t going to stay forever, or take his mommy away; then he kind of warmed up to him and shared a toy. Oh my little B1… I forget that he’s so young, because he’s consistently reaching his milestones ahead of schedule. Tuesday, I thought it would be a great idea to let him walk around the grocery store with Little and I instead of confining him to the cart with B2. He did pretty well until we got to the checkout lane; then as I was unloading the groceries onto the belt he took off running full tilt across the store, squealing with excitement and delight, grabbing price tags left and right as fast as he could until I caught him. He didn’t get more than a few aisles away. I could still see B2 and Little surprisingly stood right next to the cart waiting for me to return, with her brother in tow, but it scared me just having him randomly bolt the way he did. He managed to wiggle his way out of my hand one more time, before I finally got enough of the groceries out of the cart and put him in it. B1 is going to be a leash kid. I actually found the cutest little back pack I’m going to get for him. If he’s going to be a run away, he can at least carry my wallet and keys, right?

THEN as if running away at the grocery store wasn’t enough, he decided to get into his dirty diaper after I’d already put him to bed for the night. Little and I were watching a movie after I put the Twins to bed and I thought I could smell a distinct odor coming from the their room, but neither of them was fussing or even stirring about really so I didn’t think too much of it. Little and I finished the movie and I walked her back to her room to get her to bed, popped my head into the Boys’ room on the way by and there it was. B1 and his crib completely covered in poo. HE FELL ASLEEP IN IT.

B2 has already done the diaper exploration thing, but even when he did he would always cry until I could get him cleaned up. No matter what time of day it was. If he got poo on him, he would scream until I got it off. B1 didn’t make a sound, either while he was playing in it or after he got it everywhere. He just face planted into the poo smeared sheets and went to sleep. Obviously, I woke him up to bathe him and clean up his bed and he was NOT happy about that.

He’s very particular about his sleep, and if he gets shuffled or disturbed in anyway he screams forever until he falls back to sleep. I patted his back to wake him up a little bit before stripping him out of his clothes and sticking him in the tub. When he woke up with his face covered in poo, he started freaking out. What was worse than B1 being covered in poo was his beloved Gigi Gator being covered in poo. B1 I could wash up in a few minutes. Gigi would have to go into the washing machine. Luckily we bought a back up for just such an occasion. It was the first time I had to deploy Emergency Gator, and it worked like a charm. B1 was so excited to see a gator to snuggle with, he didn’t particularly care that it wasn’t his gator.

That was a relief. There’s nothing worse than wrestling a tired, plushie-less toddler, trying to get them to fall asleep. My plan is to get the “real” Gigi out of the dryer and do a quick switch while he’s sleeping tonight. We’ll have to see how that goes. lol.