The Great Exodus

We did it! We’re finally moved into the new house. It’s been a long hectic week getting everything finished up, but we’re in and we’re relatively settled. Once I get everything unpacked and organized from the apartment we can get everything out of storage, and finally get our life back together.

Gah… it’s been one hell of a year that’s for sure. This past Saturday was one year exactly that we moved from our previous home across state lines in anticipation of building a new home. We didn’t end up building, but we did end up with a bigger house and a much lower mortgage payment by the time it was all said and done. I’ve really grown to love our new place the more we finally get our finishing touches done and the tiny little things that make it our own.

Now that’s it’s finished enough for the kids to run around, I’m realizing how much space we actually have. lol. In all honesty? This house is only 100sq ft smaller than our planned build. It doesn’t look all fancy and new on the outside, but it’s perfect for our family on the inside. Or at least it will be once I get everything unpacked and put away lol.