Little is having nightmares again. It’s kind of a relief from her usual night terrors, but stressful just the same. She’s four. The magical age where kids began to learn about lies and half truths. She keeps talking about her bad dream and a guy in her room, but when I try to get more details she changes the subject, avoids my questions or makes up some silly response giggling about it. So I’m not sure if she truly is having a nightmare about some guy in her room, if she’s fibbing to get my attention since I’ve been so busy with getting ready to move, if there really WAS a guy in her room at some point during the night, or if she’s seen something on TV that she’s repeating.

She has been coming into my room more frequently in recent weeks, sort of half asleep, upset and wanting to snuggle. There’s something troubling her at night that much is certain. I’m really hoping that it’s just the stress from the packing and getting things in order before we say goodbye to Ohio and return to The Flatlands of Hoosier-dom. Little is very particular about her environment being just right or she gets all bent out of shape. I can’t blame the poor kid, she’s had more moves and turmoil in her four years than I care to admit. There have been a lot of big changes all back to back for everyone in the Hale Household. It’s been difficult to prepare for this move.

Mostly because I hate moving, and also because my snug little village REALLY feels like home. It feels more like home than anywhere else I’ve ever lived or been for any length of time. I don’t really know why other than it was a convenient suburban area which became such a stark contrast from Nowheresville. Or if it was just because the cost of living was so much lower, or if it had childhood memories attached to it… I mean, I really have no idea. lol.

I always said if I moved back to Ohio, I would live here for the very same reason I’m finding it difficult to say goodbye. I’ve always loved this area even as a little kid when I didn’t have any choice in the matter of where I was or when. This is just home for whatever reason, or association it might be. It’s a little scary to say goodbye for the last time. Even thinking about it when it hasn’t happened yet is stressing me out. lol. Maybe that’s what’s upsetting Little…

Ugh… I’ll just be glad when it’s over and we can all settle into our new home as a family again. I’ll miss my little village, but I’ll be ecstatic to have my family back together.