Duck, Duck, Goose

Since we’re getting ready to move in a few weeks after the finishing touches are done at the house, I took Little up to say goodbye to the ducks. 

It was so sad. This park and going to visit the ducks has been one of her favorite places/things to do while we’ve been separated from Hubs. Everyday since the weather started warming up: “Mama, can we go see the ducks? Mama, it’s not raining outside. It would be a perfect day for the ducks.” Ducks ducks ducks. But with packing and getting everything ready to move we really haven’t had much free time.

Today I made an exception and finally took her to see her ducks for the last time. She ate a cheeseburger on her favorite bench, talked to the ducklings following along behind their mother, tossed some stones in the pond, and had a great time. 

The Twins were less than thrilled to be sitting in the stroller at the pond, but they entertained themselves with their blankets. It’s so cute watching them play together. Like one toddler is fun to watch explore their environment, but watching two of them explore together is even better. I can’t believe how much trouble these two get into already lol. It’s going to be so much fun getting back to the house with a yard they can run around in. 

Little also wanted to say goodbye to the “Silver People” that she enjoyed running around across from the pond. It’s not an official playground by any means, and I’m not even sure if she was supposed to be playing on it at all, but she loved it. 

Gah…. this is the hard part of moving. Leaving behind all of the things we enjoyed together. I’m ready to be back home with Hubs, but I’m really going to miss this place. The park, and our little, cozy, hidden Burroughs. These are my Happy Places. I’m sure we can find another duck pond in our new neighborhood, and I’m sure I will find happy places there too. It’s just so much harder to say goodbye to the places and things you love, when your Littles love them too. 

I’ve done the heartbreak move thing before. The Littles haven’t. I understand it’s necessary for them to experience this part of growing up, but I wish I could maintain their innocence even just a little while longer. 💕