What’s that saying? The proof is in the pudding? Yes well… the first completed draft of my book has been sent out to the proof readers this week. I’ll make the edits necessary, send it out to my second group of proofers, make any edits; then I can start pitching it to publishers. 

Originally I was simply going to self publish, but I got into some tricky contract issues since the majority of my manuscript was published here first. APPARENTLY when you “self” publish what you’re actually doing is selling the rights to your content over to a distribution company; they distribute your work but you are in charge of all the marketing, and getting enough sales. I think it’s 10k units you have to sell before a big conglomerate publishing house will even look at your work. If they like it, they buy it off the distributer and your royalties get split betwix the three of you. Big publishing house, distributor, and author. I’d end up literally selling my life for pennies and that’s only if I got picked up my a big publishing house. If I don’t sell the 10k units in 90 days the distributor drops it. It’s still out there in book land available for purchase, but it doesn’t get the perks of free Kindle and E-Reader sales, and the percentage of your royalties drops significantly as well. 

It’s not worth it really. I can publish it here for free if I didn’t want to at least have a shot at success lol. So I’m going to start pitching here after my proofs come back. I won’t actually be pitching to the publishing houses, but agents. Who get bombarded by hundreds of manuscripts daily. It’s worth a shot anyway. I’m giving myself a year time frame, and if I don’t get picked up by the end of the year, I’ll self publish. 

I honestly just want it bound so I can have a physical copy for myself instead of just a digital one. Lol. That way if the world goes sideways and the internet ceases to exist I’ll have it. Maybe there’s a way to just get a book printed and bound… I’ll have to investigate.