Almost There!!

We have finished floors!! Oh I love them. Love them!! Just one more room to finish painting, redoing the brick facade and firebox in the fireplace, drywalling the header/transition between the two living spaces and carpet in the bedrooms; then we’re ready to move in!! 

I really do love updating property like this. Like… I don’t think I’ll ever buy a “new” house. Making this one completely our own has been a wonderful experience. I was teasing Hubs and telling him we needed an HGTV show. He didn’t want cameras in the way of his projects. lol. 

We decided to leave the appliances and the kitchen (aside from the floor) alone for now, replacing the cabinets and countertops in one fell swoop later this year. After we get moved, settled, and the kiddos situated with B2’s therapy and Little’s school. Maybe for Christmas or something? 

With all of the major projects out of the way, I get to start on the fun stuff. Picking out curtains, accent furniture, and rugs. I found the most amazingly soft super plush rug that I really want for the living room, but I’m wondering how long it would stay super soft and plush with the kids lol. They have the same plush in several sizes so I might pick up the smaller one to test it out before I invest in the giant one. 

I’m so excited to have a giant open living room. Much like all things knit, I have a thing for sofa tables. I just love them and the sense of style they bring to the room. I have zero idea why, but if I could have a sofa table covered in knit doilies I would be in heaven lol. So I bought two for our other house but for whatever reason they never came out of storage. Now I have a home for BOTH of them and I am over the moon. Plus I have space for my oversized interior planters and all of my paintings. 

We discovered after getting started on our projects that the fireplace isn’t actually brick. It’s a brick facade, which is currently crumbling and falling off everywhere. We haven’t quite decided if we want to fix the crumbly bits and paint the brick white, or if we just want to redo the entire thing and update to a modern board and batten facade. Either way we go we, we’re replacing the firebox getting rid of the 80’s gold and opting for a modern flat black. 

I was teasing Hubs telling him that we were making this house all modern and in 30ish years when we pay off the mortgage (or sell and upgrade again) it will be like our grandparents’ houses. Lol. My grandparents First house was firmly rooted in 60’s nostalgia. It was all brand new and modern when they moved in, and they never changed it. Their second house was the same way. They moved in 2000. Everything was late 90’s modern and it never changed. 

All of our parents are pretty apt to update their homes and decor as fads and trends change, but our grandparents topped trends in the 50’s and 60’s and stayed at their pique. Lol. I feel like Hubs and I will be the same way. Our color scheme has followed us from one house to the next just because these colors make me happy. It took us several tries to find a pallet we really both liked, but this one seems to be the one. We both like it, it’s fairly neutral, modern and it literally makes me happy. For whatever reason, it just feels so cozy and comfortable in the house now. It feels like home. Our home. I can’t wait to get moved in. 

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